Deepak Mishra inaugurated New office of AnandRathi Private Wealth Management

Inaugration Of AnandRathi Private Wealth Management / Photo Courtesy :  Maswood Khan

New Delhi: AnandRathi Private Wealth Management brought around a trending, modern workspace with the launch of their new office in Defense Colony, New Delhi. The chief guest, Mr. Deepak Mishra (Special DG, CPRF) inaugurated the office by cutting the ribbon, along with the chairman, Mr. AnandRathi.

Deepak Mishra With AnandRathi / AmitRathi with Commodore HS Chopra
It’s a place where change seems like a given. Driven by the mantra “make work as frictionless as possible”. The colorful nature of the office, the comfortable seating and the inspiring quotes from famous people will surprise an onlooker. This urbane look is unexpected from a financial institution, and that perhaps makes us standout. The urbane design strategy that has been implemented is to increase the density of employees by removing the old office infrastructure and replacing it with an open environment. Open offices are contentious. Its emphasis on openness and transparency is reflected in its construct.

Vinay singhal with Jyotsana Singhal with Feroz Aziz
AnandRathi Private Wealth Management is set up, to encourage collaboration and speed. The overall, well balanced work environment is intentional. Though everybody has a desk in the middle of the floor, you’ll also see that there are lots of quiet, tucked away corners where you can go sit on a couch, sit on a chair, and get some work done away from the hustle and bustle of the team. It’s a nice, high energy place to work. Humility is built into the design philosophy of this office , to bring out teamwork. Our people simply love working in this great collaborative environment. Humble and nimble in their approach to dealing with people and situation. If you're looking for a quiet place to escape, for a peaceful chat with the client, the Phone Booths offers just that. Employees can also hit up the free vending machine, meet for a quick chit chat at the Coffee Station. The office's defining trait is its use of Quotations. These have been used creatively. Scattered throughout the floors, to always inspire. Huddling space in this office, is unique . A place that allows for teams to collaborate on projects or get a pep talk from the seniors or hear a client. UNCOMPLICATED as its called, is an amphitheater. UNHEARD.UNSEEN. UNTHINKABLE. Now, its for you to see, be a part of it and encourage us to serve you better. Always.